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September/October Edition

A word from the Editor

Bengeo is open again!

Bengeo is back in business with pubs, restaurants and shops all open again after the extended lockdown period. It is a pleasure to go out and enjoy yourselves again and meet others while taking advantage of the last of the summer weather. Opening hours of Bengeo premises are on pages 8 and 9, but do check with their Facebook page or ring for last minute changes. Most of them require bookings for restaurants or outdoor eating.Some activities are starting again in September and it is good to see that church weddings and services are happening even with social distancing in place. Face masks are now an essential accessory in shops and people are showing their individuality in bespoke fashion, whether purely functional, floral,florid, fancy or just plain frightening!
The Editorial Team

A community magazine for Bengeo, Chapmore End and Tonwell

This is YOUR magazine and we want it to reflect Bengeo community life.  If there are any events that you wish to publicise or social groups, please let us know. Or if you just want us to link to you. We aim to be a co-ordinating point for all information about Bengeo. With your help we can achieve this. If you are contributing, please bear in mind that the magazine comes out every two months and the copy date is the middle of the previous month.

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