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March/April Edition

Another month of lockdown has passed and we have seen more community support for vulnerable
families and restaurants and pubs adapting to the new conditions by offering meals to cook at home or delivering takeaways.

Carrie Bone writes about the Jedidiah charity, started by Bengeo resident Cynthia Stroud, which has gone from strength to strength during lockdown and is delivering vital food boxes to families as far away as Enfield.

Karen and Adam at the White Lion and those at Hertfood are offering much needed food to families in the area. People have been supporting these ventures with offers of produce, groceries and donations.

Street-based social media groups are helping the housebound and those who find it difficult to get
out to local shops and now that the Co-op has been closed for refurbishment, the shop has organised a
collection service for those who cannot easily get to shops at a distance. There are some good things to come out of Covid!

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